Photo Credit: Chris Dorsey
Photo Credit: Chris Dorsey

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IBOT has been published on the web and in print. Here you will find videos, photos, interviews, and other media publications featuring IBOT.




IBOT has had the honor and privelege of working with some amazing people and organizations.


In no particular order, here are some projects IBOT has been part of:




Detroit Fanfare -Cosplay Guests

Denver Comic Con -Cosplay Guests

Contagian Outbreak -Cosplay Guests

Maker Faire KC -Cosplay Guests

Encounters Convention -Cosplay Guests

Smallville Comicon -Cosplay Guests

Zumies Employee Appreciation Party -Cosplay Guests

Planet Comicon -Cosplay Guests

Kansas City Comic Con -Cosplay Guests

TOPCON -Cosplay Guests

Figments & Filaments -Cosplay Guests

Wizard World -Cosplay Guests

Cheyenne Comic Con -Cosplay Guests





Jeremy Dixon Photography

Bill Blankenship

Todd McInturf/The Detroit News

Judith Stephens Photography/MARVEL

FantaScenes Photography

Coar Ako Pah Photography

We Neal Photography and Retouching

SPC Portrait Art

Chris Dorsey Photography

The Initiative Production Group

Justin Stiles Photography

Jason Tracy Photography

Chuck Mason Photography




Wizard's ToyFare Magazine

Topeka Captial Journal

The Detroit News

China Shop Mag




Influence Film Production of Spider-Man: The Search for Mary Jane Watson

Iron City Chronicles

SyFy Channel's: Heroes of Cosplay

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